Testimonials and Representative Cases


  • Kathy operates at the top of her field. She’s represented my company in some very challenging matters and has consistently produced great outcomes. She’s a rare blend of tact, strategy, and legal acumen and is an extremely effective lawyer. I cannot recommend her strongly enough. – President of a high-tech company
  • After my former employer filled my position with someone not qualified to do the job and the business suffered terribly as a result, the company sued me and my new company out of desperation and revenge. Kathy tenaciously defended the case, first quashing a parallel arbitration proceeding and then forcing the plaintiff to repeatedly redefine its claims and take contradictory positions, showing that it had no viable claim. Litigation is like chess, and Kathy thinks several moves ahead, allowing her to outsmart her opponent. – CEO of a high-tech company
  • Kathy represented my company when it was sued by another company for breaching a contract that the other company had itself breached. Kathy aggressively defended the case, including filing counterclaims and locating numerous witnesses who helped our case. The lawsuit threatened the survival of my company, but Kathy was able to broker a settlement that insured its future. – President and CEO of high-tech company
  • Kathy is a fierce defender while maintaining a respectful approach in the courtroom.  Kathy fought tirelessly for my defense in a very complicated criminal tax matter involving a ruthless state agency. She filed court motions and writs in the appeals court on my behalf that were succinct and to the point in referencing the legal issues involved to defend my case.  I would recommend Kathy’s services for anyone needing a loyal and tenacious attorney.  – President of a California Corporation

Representative Cases

Civil Cases

  • Successfully prosecuted RICO conspiracy claim against scrap metal recycler’s customer, where customer’s employees misrepresented quantities purchased by corporation. Obtained quick and favorable settlement prior to litigation
  • Successfully prosecuted embezzlement claims against software corporation’s former accountant and co-conspirators, obtaining favorable settlement following mediation
  • Successfully prosecuted claim of unlawful exactment imposed on residential developer by school district.
  • Successfully defended former business owner in wrongful death case when two people died in a fire months after the sale of the business.
  • Successfully defended corporation operating in semiconductor capital equipment space against claim of breach of intellectual property license agreement and copyright infringement. Obtained favorable settlement following settlement conference, resulting in corporation obtaining ownership of intellectual property at issue
  • Successfully prosecuted claim of misappropriation of customer list-related trade secret information against scrap metal recycling corporation’s former employees who used the information to set up a new scrap metal recycling venture to compete with corporation. Obtained favorable settlement following mediation
  • Successfully defended software manufacturer and its CEO against claims of misappropriation of trade secrets contained in Java source code and misappropriation of corporate opportunities. Obtained favorable settlement after aggressive technical discovery and motion practice
  • Successfully defended European corporation in arbitration against claim of breach of intellectual property license agreement. Obtained favorable settlement after extensive discovery significantly undermined plaintiff’s claims

Criminal Cases

  • Successfully defended executive of financial services company in federal felony jury trial against charges of conspiracy to commit immigration fraud; obtained hung jury, resulting in no-jail misdemeanor offer from prosecution
  • Obtained satisfactory settlement with Board of Equalization for client charged with failure to remit sales taxes collected by reseller corporation
  • Obtained outright dismissal of state felony marijuana charges and return of seized airplane based on illegal search and seizure
  • Successfully defended landowner sued both criminally and civilly for environmental violations. Obtained outright dismissal of criminal case and settlement of civil case on favorable terms
  • Obtained dismissal of state misdemeanor battery charge on behalf of student suffering from misdiagnosed mental illness
  • Obtained dismissal of state misdemeanor petty theft charge on behalf of client suffering from untreated mental illness
  • Obtained dismissal of state misdemeanor child abuse charge where benign parental discipline was misconstrued
  • Obtained withdrawal of guilty plea and dismissal of case on behalf of non-resident client who pleaded guilty to state misdemeanor charge without being advised of his right to counsel or of the potential immigration consequences of his plea

Note: This list of Testimonials and Representative Cases is not intended to imply any guarantees, warranties, or predictions regarding the result of any current or future representation.