When you face a lawsuit and need an attorney, simply finding one with a law degree is not enough. You need a proven attorney with extensive litigation experience, a thorough knowledge of the law, the ability to identify and analyze the key issues in your case in order to litigate economically and effectively, and passion for and commitment to your case.

Litigation is not for the faint of heart. In the heat of battle, you will take comfort if you have chosen your advocate well. When your advocate is Kathleen Sherman, Attorney at Law, you get all these qualities and more.

Kathy’s unique background and broad industry and legal experience equip her to serve a variety of clients facing an expansive range of legal challenges. Kathy’s technical knowledge, perseverance, and strong advocacy skills enable her to consistently achieve positive results for her clients, as reflected in her list of representative cases. Whether you face a complex business dispute or criminal charges, in state or in federal court, Kathy’s strengths will serve you well. Kathy thrives on complex issues, and will dedicate herself to overcoming your legal hurdles through focused legal guidance using her unique perspective.

With an office in Mountain View, California, Kathy handles litigation in courts in the entire Bay Area, including San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland.

For an initial case evaluation, contact Kathleen Sherman, Attorney at Law.